Troubleshooting Ghost Stick Movements

If control movements are not being correctly transmitted from R/C Remote to Flight Controller there are a few steps that can be followed to diagnose the problem.

R/C Remote to Ghost Module

1) Ensure that the R/C Remote is emitting an external protocol compatible with the current Ghost firmware. SBus is supported, as is the new GHST protocol. For help deciding which OpenTx firmware to use, see here:

2) Enter the Ghost JR module menu, and ensure that the Tx Mode is either Auto, or Manual with the correct protocol selected (matching that selected in step 1 above).

3) Without the receiver powered up, click to the right, twice, on the Ghost JR module and ensure that the channel sliders are correctly reacting to stick movements on the R/C Tx. 


To link the Ghost Tx module to the Rx, binding is required. 

Before binding though, read the section of the manual regarding Receiver Wiring, to ensure that the appropriate protocol, and wiring is used. 

Power up the receiver, and within the first 30 seconds press the button on the receiver. The RGB LED should illuminate blue. This indicates binding mode. 

Power up the Tx, enter the menu, select the first item 'Bind', ensure that the protocol is correct for your flight controller, and wiring, and click 'Start Bind'. 
NOTE: The protocol is sent to the receiver during binding, if it is changed after binding the receiver will not actually change its protocol without a new bind cycle. 

If binding succeeds, the Rx LED will change to a fast red/green cycle, which will appear orange. 

Receiver Connection

If using Betaflight, ensure that correct port is enabled for Serial Rx. Note that if more than one port is enabled for Serial Rx, the receiver will not work. 

Once the port is enabled, ensure that the correct serial protocol is selected. 

At this point the bars on the Betaflight Configurator Receiver page should start moving. 

If they don't double-check the wiring, or maybe try a different UART. 

Note that we have started to collect some wiring diagrams for common flight controllers on the IRC site here: